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Feng Shui Decorating

Feng Shui Decorating addresses the ever-changing flow and quality of Chi or life force.

If you have ever walked into a living or working space that just feels right, then that space has a good balance of chi. A good balance of Chi has a natural balance of Yin & Yang and a balance of the Five Elements of Feng Shui; fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

Feng Shui Decorating depends on the Creative Cycle of the Five Elements. The Water Element feeds the Wood Element. The relationship between any two elements in the creative cycle is like mother/child. In the Destructive Cycle or the Controlling Cycle, one element controls the other. Water douses fire; therefore The Water Element controls the Fire Element.

Create balance with Feng Shui decorating.

In Feng Shui Decorating, the consultant considers any imbalance and adds elements to create harmony. When a home suffers from too much of one element, the consultant may suggest the controlling element as a helpful remedy.

Using Feng Shui Decorating, the consultant may suggest adding the Water Element if a home or person suffers from too much stress or lack of sleep. The Water Element is helpful for elder people, people who have stress, insomnia, ill health, convalescence or sexual problems. Feng Shui Decorating with this element promotes inner development, tranquility, spirituality, sexual activity, sleep, independence, objective thinking, being affectionate and conception

Feng Shui Decorating may call for symbols of the Water Element.

The metaphoric colors of the Water Element are black, charcoal gray and midnight blue. The shape is flowing-irregular and asymmetrical, like an undulated, wavy or curved lines suggesting waves, droplets and clouds. Water fountains, aquariums, fire extinguishers or birdbaths are objects of the Water Element. Art that includes oceans, lakes and rivers and material made of glass, cut crystal and reflective surfaces.

Feng Shui Decorating aims to create balance and too much of one element, in this case The Water Element, can work against passion and activity and the risks include being too quiet, isolation and loneliness.

Feng Shui decorating works with your current theme.

Good Feng Shui Design compliments your design statement in your home and works with existing structures and interiors to bring about harmony, balance, function and dramatically improves well being for the occupants.

Feng Shui Decorating takes into account the nature of those who will mostly use the space, the discernment of key areas using the BaÕGua map, the dynamics of Chi, the materials and their relationship to each other, color, sound, smell and light.

With Feng Shui Decorating you can create an environment that encourages prosperity, enlivens creativity and increases productivity, at the same time as communicating a feeling of balance, vitality and grace.

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on Feng Shui Decorating?
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