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Feng Shui Fountains
By Laurie Bongard

Feng Shui fountains are used in the Feng Shui design to add energy to your environment. Positive energy is essential to maintain a healthy well being. A Feng Shui fountain embodies the water element of Feng Shui.

Water is a revitalizing source and can help ease stress. All fountains can be Feng Shui Fountains it just depends on how they fit into the Feng Shui placement. People are sensitive to their environment, Feng Shui creates a peaceful atmosphere for you to live in which will result in good physical and mental health.

The Belief in Feng Shui Fountains
Feng Shui fountains respresent wealth. Feng Shui holds that there are wealth areas present wherever you implement the art of placement. By placing Feng Shui fountains in your wealth areas you can visualize prosperity flowing to you. It is said that having more Feng Shui fountains may increase your chances of wealth. It does not matter what size or type of fountain you have as long as it is placed in the right position. You can find many Feng Shui fountains at natural living websites.

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