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Feng Shui Tips

What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which teaches that the design and decoration of our house and surroundings can majorly affect our wealth, relationships and lives, by affecting the chi (life force) in the house.

It was known only by select people. Over thousands of years, they came to realise that improving certain areas of a house, would result in an improvement in a particular area of a person's life. From this, they created what is called the "Bagua". It is a map which shows which areas of a house and room relate to which areas of a person's life.

It really works. Many people have found that major bad luck (eg in finances) turned right around by making the right Feng Shui choices. At the very least, it makes your home feel more comfortable.


If you want your career to take off, put a picture of water in the career corning, with the water flowing INTO the room. This will bring more energy in. NOTE ABOUT PAINTINGS: I myself much prefer photos to paintings. When you have a painting, you also get the energy of the painter in the room, and you don't always know what kind of person they were. Check out the ENERGY of a painting, not just what it looks like.


Clear up the clutter!!! Fix broken things! This blocks chi big time!


Purple is the colour for the wealth corner. Place an amethyst crystal in this corner. (Note: It may be better to buy this from a rock shop than a New Age store. I am sorry to report that I have been told by what I consider a reliable source that spies in the Satanic community have reported that there are some people who full time channel crystals to the dark side prior to sellling them to stores. I have helped a few people to heal problems simply by having them stop wearing certain stones).
Flowing water will also increase chi. A fountain in this corner is excellent.


Put a wedding photo or a couples photo here if at home. (This next one is my own): But, if the room you are working on is in a public place, you might NOT want to put up a photo of your relationship. This is because if someone decides to have negative or jealous thoughts about you or your relationship, that energy can get stuck onto the photo. (Yes, primitive people were smart not wanting to let white man take a photo of them). Just have a look at the relationship troubles of a lot of famous people, to give you an idea of what harm this can do.


Hang Austrian faceted crystals spheres (not other shapes) anywhere you want more energy (NOT in the bedroom - that is for resting). They look great! (Don't use lead crystals since lead is poisonous).


Yes, sorry, the garage is part of the bagua. So you will need to clean it up and add a few nice things to it.

Copyright : Stephanie Relfe - 2002 - 2004

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