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Nature As A Model During Times of

By Joy Abrams

The ancient Chinese believed that there was a connection between nature and the art of living a good life regardless of what comes our way. This connection to nature was established through the five elements in nature; earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

Life is full of ups and downs and at times the downs are more than the ups. When you have a challenge or are spiritually troubled you have to realize that you canít change the things that people do but you can change the way that you react to these things. Problems never cease and donít expect them to. Instead change yourself and use nature as one of your teachers in this process.

In a crisis slow down and give yourself time to return to your center of your being where there is calm. Try doing deep breathing or yoga. Talk with someone who understands.

Also, walk barefoot and feel the earth under your feet. Try carrying your favorite stone in your pocket. Surrounding yourself with the colors of earth is centering as well. Use and wear items that are the colors brown yellow and terracotta.

Letting go is very difficult and it is one of the hardest lessons in life. Try to remember that endings are new beginnings and find assistance in this process with a caring friend or supportive counselor. Wear your favorite metal jewelry as a reminder that things will be all right.

Surround yourself with the colors of metal. They are white, silver, gold and gray.

It is helpful to remain profound and deep like the ocean. Meditate and spend some down time relaxing. Take a long bath. Make sure that the colors of blue and black are worn.

Think about growth and change and pat yourself of the back for being able to go through some challenging times. Like the blossoming of a beautiful flower, think of life beginning anew. Appreciate the beauty of plants and flowers and hug a tree.

Surround yourself with colors of blue, teal, and green,and resonate with these colors.

Realize that you have a good mind and good sense. Know that you can control and choose how you respond in any moment. Reach out for support if this is a challenge for you. Turn on lots of lights and spend some time sitting in the sun.

Wear a pink or red scarf for flair.

Just like one of the goals of Feng Shui is to establish harmony and balance through nature, the goal in life is to establish harmony through understanding acceptance and acknowledgment of our true nature. .




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