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Use Feng Shui to Perk Up Your Love Life
By Joy Abrams

Can rearranging your furniture really help you to find that special soul mate that you are looking for? Can storing your personal items in a special area of your house bring that special lover into your life? Well the jury is still out on the latter. The truth is in Feng Shui that small changes can make a big difference in your life and relationships. In Feng Shui you are arranging your things with purpose and intention to get positive results. Of course there is much more to the system and the philosophy but this is a good start…. So what are you supposed to do to get love moving on the fast tract? Try adding a little”feng shui spice “to the relationship area of your home located at the furthest right hand corner of the backside of your home.

Add these items to perk up your love life:

The colors of red and pink resonate with one’s relationships
Candles in reds and pinks are great as they are romantic and what more could you want

Symbols such as hearts that signify love work well here
(Make sure that you have two of them).

There are a number of things that you want to avoid as they could put a damper on your love life:

-Avoid negative images in your relationship area.
For examples pictures of exes do not belong there

-Avoid using cactus or anything prickly that does not speak of intimacy

-Avoid the chill factor. No refrigerators or freezers here

- Avoid solo photos of yourself. You are intending to bring someone else into this space.

-Avoid any pictures of a storm or turbulent sea

-Avoid clutter in your bedroom closet and make sure that there is room there for that special person.

These few tips will get you started toward giving attention to that special intention of finding the love of your life.

I know that these are simple suggestions to kick start your love life and to add some romance in your space. However you will never know how it works till you try it!




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