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A Wish For Penney
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

Penney, a statuesque blue eyed forty year old woman with a successful interior design business asked me to come to her new house for a Feng Shui consultation. She asked me for a consultation for 4000 square feet of interior space.

At the initial interview, she explained that she had been divorced for six years. Her relationship experiences had been less than favorable. In fact, they had been greatly disappointing to her .She did not lack companionship, but the people who were interested in her did lack the commitment that she so hoped for.

As a Feng Shui practitioner I do not assume anything and so I proceeded to ask her about her hopes and dreams. Her eyes were filled with tears as she expressed that a significant meaning relationship was her focus. She elaborated by telling me that every night after work she would sit on her patio and gaze out into space. While doing this she would feel a consuming sadness and feelings of isolation that she said was hard for her to put into words. She would remain there for a long time. Time. seemed to stop for her because when she would gaze at her watch hours would have elapsed.

At that point, I asked Penney if we could go out to her back yard and finish the interview there. As Feng Shui consultants we always observe the outside of the house in question.

As we sat in her special area, I identified, the reason for her feelings of utter dismay and discomfort. Penney's house had an L shape. The part of the patio furniture that she sat on faced the empty part of the L shape. To make matters worse, this area was the relationship area in the bagua. When Penney was sitting there at night she was resonating with the irregularity of the outside shape of her house and with the emptiness and isolation associated with it.

I explained to Penney that from a Feng Shui perspective an incomplete shape such as the outside of her house could resonate with some feeling of incompleteness that she may be experiencing. This can lead to feelings of isolation and emotional discomfort. I told her that if you are living in a house that is missing a certain part you could fill it in symbolically in some way. If you do not want to add a room, you can fill out the structure and shape in other ways.

I suggested that she could; place a lit lamppost in the missing space.
She could fill in the space with a lovely garden, two boulders or two sculptures or we would explore placing something other than that in the area that she would find very appealing.
By doing this and sitting each night in her special place, her eyes would be taking in her view, and she would be resonating with this beauty. She would be connecting with a new area. This new area would symbolize completeness and brings forth a whole new experience of balance into her life.

I told Penney that the missing area was the first thing that needed to get worked on. Then I would Feng Shui the interior of her house. In order to fill in the missing space, Penney chose to have a garden there. She decided to have two sculptures in the garden of a man and a woman. She also chose to have many flowers and plants that were pink in color there. Among them were pink hibuscus.and pink petunias.

I came back to Feng Shui the interior space and complete my report for her.

I didn't hear from Penney till six months had passed. At that time I received a wedding invitation from her with a postscript, saying ", Good Feng Shui Joy"



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