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Bedroom Feng Shui
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

After teaching my class at college a young couple came up to me and rather sheepishly asked me if I had time to come to their home to Feng Shui their bedroom. I told them that they now know the tools to do this themselves since it was the last night of the course. After talking with them for a while and seeing how insistent they were, I felt they needed some help. They told me that they had their bedroom decorated and spared no expense, yet they hated to go into their bedroom. I asked them if they were experiencing any problems between them and they assured me that all was going well with them. In Feng Shui, we learn that it is not just about the place but how we resonate with our place that is the utmost importance. So, with that in mind, I proceeded to their home the next week.

I spent a great deal of time surveying the surrounding neighborhood and area as all consultants do, and found nothing that would impede good energy from coming to their site.

When I entered their home, I spoke with this charming couple and asked them about what their hopes were concerning this consultation. They answered by simply saying that they just wanted to feel more comfortable in their bedroom, and at the present time this was not a place they wanted to be in. I needed to see why their physical environment was not a place that they could depend on and feel a sense of comfort in.

This is what I saw as I looked into the situation. Leading to their bedroom was a long entry hall that was empty. At first glimpse of the bedroom, I saw a beautiful French provincial desk with large calendar on it and posted notes pasted all over it. There was also a date book on the desk as well as unpaid bills. The bed was a beautiful king size bed that was French provincial in style. It had no headboard and it was positioned against arcadia doors that led out to a lovely garden. In the far right of the room was a high tech looking square table and the two chairs that were also French provincial in style were facing opposite each other. Under the bed were storage shelves and they stored work files there. They had a large screen T.V. opposite the bed. They had a mirrored wall reflecting the foot of the bed and the bed, and they had a view of the bathroom from the bed.

I told them that I would get a report to them in a week that would get them started in making some symbolic changes that would help them to reach their objective. After handing them the report we spoke together about some of the remedies that I suggested to them.

The long hallway needed a magnet to draw them into the bedroom. I suggested a plant or more light or a pretty sculpture that they both liked. I told them that, their bedroom needs to have drawing power which an object or a light gives us saying to us,˛ You are here and can be comfortable and at home˛. I furthermore, went on to tell them that their bedroom needs to be a haven for rest meditation and connection.
Having a desk in sight that has a myriad of mundane things for one to do takes away from the purpose of the bedroom. I told them that if they must have the desk there, screen it off with a lovely screen or place plants in front of it that will symbolically separate it from the rest of the space and it's intentions. The bed's position in the room was good as it was furthest from the door with a view of the door. However, the fact that it was resting against an arcadia door was bothersome. I explained to the couple that they needed a wall behind their bed. This would symbolically act as support for them in the many years ahead of them. Since the bed could not be moved, I suggested a cure and that was to place a heavy blackout drape behind the bed and keep it closed at night. The blackout drape would symbolically act as a strong wall giving the couple the support they wanted and needed. I also suggested that they get a headboard for their bed for the same reason.
The high tech table that they had was square with sharp corners, and that I explained a new couple can do without, as these sharp corners do not resonate well with people who sit at such a table. I suggested that they get a soft tablecloth and drape it on the table so that it would act as a round table that would be more conducive to their communicating and connecting in this space. I also suggested that the two chairs be side by side with a view of the door placing them both in the power position. I explained to them that if they were both empowered they would feel better about the space and sitting there.
The storage under the bed needed to be removed. I explained to them that anything heavy under their bed can pull them down in their relationship especially since it was work files, it had no place in the bedroom.
The mirrored wall at the foot of the bed needed to be removed. I explained to them that for the most part mirrors are distracting as well as a thing of the ego and with few exceptions most of us don't like to wake up and look at ourselves first thing in the morning. Fortunately, they agreed.
I also explained that the T.V. if they must have it should have some sort of covering on it so that any energy that was not positive would not be directing toward them. I suggested that she use her grandma's shawl over it when not in use. She loved her grandma and she loved the idea.
Since the bathroom was contiguous to the bedroom and you could see the bathroom from the bed I suggested that they keep the bathroom door closed. I also suggested that they place a picture of their dreams and aspirations on the offending wall and place a piece of tin foil shiny side behind it, and facing the bedroom. The tin foil would act as mirror reflecting away the bathroom's energy from the bedroom area.
The young couple said that they would go about making the changes and report to me in a couple of months about how they were feeling. I told them that I would do another consultation at that time because we only scratched the surface and I did not do a complete consultation and this was only immediate suggestions. I heard from this charming young couple in three months when they insisted on taking me to dinner and said that the suggestions worked so well and that they love spending time in their bedroom and that they are so happy now. I told them that I would be glad to come back and finish the consultation, and their reply was,˛We don't want to upset a good thing˛. I lost out on another consultation but made lifetime friends and what could be better. This consultation reconfirmed to me what I learned while studying and that is that Feng Shui is not just about place. Place is our tool, but Feng Shui is how we experience our physical environment around us.



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