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Can Feng Shui Bring A Loving Relationship Into My Life?
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is wind and water. You can't actually see the wind. The only thing that you can observe is the result that the wind has on your environment. You watch the waves and the tides coming in and out, yet this movement remains a mystery to you. What you are able to observe is that wind and water are movements orchestrated by a powerful supply that some call energy. All you get to see are the results of this energy.

Think of how this thought coincides with the power or love. With it too all you get to see are the results of it. No one can agree on what it actually is, but you all can feel its manifestations. You are all cells in the total body of humanity and when you line up in kindness you reach what is called critical mass. The field of energy that is created by this critical mass is love. It is so powerful that it literally holds every cell in the universe.

To create a clear field of energy where love can blossom:
Clear clutter from your space and get rid of the old to make room for the new
Place special attention in the relationship area of the bagua of your home
Place two things there that are symbolic of a harmonious union
Use the colors red and pink there
Meditate on this area to create your intentions
What you are doing is igniting the invisible force of love just as equivalent as the discovery of fire. Love is a universal theme, which has the power to bring together people, just as the cavemen were drawn to their first bonfire. It is the glue that unites us and has the affinity to bring together the elements of the world.



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