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Feng Shui and Art
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

All decorating items that you have in your home convey a distinct message to you. The things that you surround yourself with have an effect on you. The messages you receive from your surroundings can greatly affect your careers, health, relationships, and prosperity. Feng Shui is just not about place it is about you and how you resonate with your place. It is important to surround yourself with the things that you love and are meaningful to you and your happiness.

Art is especially meaningful as it displays overt and covert messages. Walk through your home room by room and try to feel the energy that your photographs art and sculpture conveys to you.

Art works for you when it helps to express your hopes and goals in life. Before you consider hanging a piece of art be aware of the message it is conveying and if this is a message that you want to look at during this time of your life. For example, if you are experiencing a rocky relationship you donít want to look at a painting that has a picture of a storm. A better choice would be a scene in nature with a beautiful stream or perhaps you would choose a picture of two people holding hands.

Artwork is expressed in color line and form. Have you ever pondered about the colors in nature and why they express certain colors?

The color green helps you to feel alive and stimulated. In nature it is the color of chlorophyll that helps things to grow. It affects you as it makes you feel alive and stimulates you toward positive action.

Blue like the blue of the sky shows you the mystery of the self. The color blue contains the shortest wavelength of all the colors of the spectrum; it does not call to you or pull you toward it. It is color that conveys a sense of mystery. It has a cool distant sense about it.

The color red says stop and notice who I am. It has the longest wavelength in the spectrum and it is a common color in beautiful tropical flowers. Red is stimulating color. It inspires you to do what you need to do.

Yellow brings into focus your perceptions of the sun. It is a sunny color that inspires you to have happy thoughts and hope for the future when it seems dim. It lights up your space and encourages you toward hopeful thoughts.

Look at your artwork more closely and evaluate their messages before you put them up in various areas of your home. Decide if the messages that they convey are appropriate for the areas in which they reside.



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