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Feng Shui And The Kitchen
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

Most Americans have been so busy that eating and running for generations has taken some focus away from kitchens. Since we have had proliferations of all sorts of eating disorders, focusing on food seems neurotic in some circles. However, it is important from a feng shui perspective to realize that food is one of our primary sources of chi. In Chinese medicine getting food chi into the blood is the foundation of good immunity.

Feng Shui information about the kitchen is a handy tool to understand how important it is for the cook to have good chi so that that chi can pass on to the food that is consumed by the family. The reason it is not considered good feng shui for the cook s station to be in the part of the kitchen where she will be distracted or startled is the family s food will suffer from this as it will disrupt the good chi of the cook. This in tern will ruin the food. The traditional kitchen has an island where the cook can be distracted on all levels. This will result in the food being less nourishing on an energetic level. The high tech island may make one quick chef and preparation may be speedy but enjoyment and nourishment is sacrificed in the process.

Finally the idea that the stove represents wealth is simple to understand. It takes money to have fire and money to buy food. If you had a fire and you had food in ancient times you were considered to have wealth. With fire you could have good chi and you would continue to prosper.

The idea of mirroring the back of the stove to reflect the burners and double the prosperity is easy to understand. In most stoves if you do this the number of burners will be the number eight and that is considered to be a money number in feng shui. Also, by placing a mirror on the backside of the stove one is able to see anyone approaching the cook. If the cook gets frightened then the good chi of the meal is altered. Understanding some of these ancient principles make it easier for us to understand why they work today and can help us get the good chi in the kitchen that is needed to nourish our bodies and souls.



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