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There Ain't No Mountain High Enough
FengShui in Moon Valley, Arizona

By Joy Abrams M.A.

Barbara Lemberg, a lovely lady with dark brown beautiful eyes and thick Brown hair that frames her lovely face, approached me for a Feng Shui Consultation stating that she needed a big shift in her life and circumstances. In describing her situation, Barbara informed me that she was married more than thirty years and has lived in her present resident for that time. She was not gainfully employed during that time. She had brought up four children and was presently taking on with her husband the admiral job of raising their granddaughter.

Barbara's husband Milt, a handsome gifted artist, had assumed a myriad of jobs for the last thirty some years. All had been unfulfilling. Naturally this placed an inordinate amount of strain on Milt and the family. Barbara hoped that this consultation would result in a positive change in her present life circumstances. I responded that that was a tall order. However, I knew that I could make positive suggestions that would result in her and her husband resonating better with their environment. It was my intention that would create the shift that she hoped for.

As a pyramid practitioner I always survey the site and the neighborhood that I am working on. Barbara and Milt's home was no exception. Although Barbara initially asked me to Feng Shui her family room, I knew how we are all influenced by what is going on in our surroundings and that I needed to check out that aspect first. Barbara expressed curiosity about my spending so much time surveying her surrounding neighborhood. As a pyramid practitioner we always explain to our clients the whys of our activities on their behalf. I explained to Barbara that we resonate with the area around our home site. Since she had done some reading about the Tao, I explained to her that we are all connected to the ever expanding universe that we are a part of and that we respond to what is happening in our neighborhoods on many different levels.

When I approached Barbara's home, I immediately saw the problem that was impeding Milt's fulfillment in employment. There was an imposing Mountain towering over and facing Barbara and Milt's front door. It was interfering with any positive energy coming through their front door and being able to circulate and reach the residents of their home. I knew that was impeding any success pattern for Milt. Although Barbara had asked me to Feng Shui her family room I was confronted with the ultimate challenge before I approached her front door. Although I ultimately consulted with Barbara and Milt about their family room, the outside conditions deserved my first attention. I spoke to them prior and after my report was given to them. I explained to them that I felt that their biggest challenge was in their outside environment and that was impacting on their daily lives. That being the overwhelming presence of the mountain looming over their front door. That is not favorable. Obstacles that are imposing have the effect of blocking energy coming up the front door and being received by the residents. They responded that they felt a restriction when they came in the front door and this was making some sense to them. Their eyes opened wider as I explained to them about their trying to work on accepting their personal belief barriers as past learning experiences.

Personal Suggestions

*Make individual lists of how these barriers served you in the past. (After they were identified they could see them for what they were).

*Replace these barriers with new productive patterns. (Thinking in more positive terms about the future and now).

*Changing not only behaviors but also normal routines. (Changing behaviors and routines signifies allowing yourself to create the shift you need).

They agreed that this would certainly create a shift in themselves. I Responded that Feng Shui is not only about your environment but how you resonate with it.

Outdoor Suggestions

*Make your front door your back door. (This symbolically places the mountain in the back of the house for protection).

*Create a meandering path leading to the new front door and make sure that it is well lit and has plantings along side of it. (This will bring good energy to your front door).

*Enhance your new front door with the jade plants that you love. (This will help you to feel great every time you cross the threshold of your new front door) (Think of your new front door as the avenue of new opportunities).

*Enhance the right side of the inside of your front door with a low table. (This will represent the support and compassion that you need when you come home).

*Enhance the left inside of the front door with a philodendron plant. (That would represent the wisdom within yourselves giving you a new symbolic lease on life).

*Place nine juniper trees in back of your property in a meandering line. (This will give more support to the back property).

*Add bamboo along the fence line of your property. (Bamboo is a well rooted plant that conveys stability and flexibility as it moves with the wind).

*Install a light pole higher than your house in front of your home. (That is to further dissipate the overwhelming energy of the mountain).

I did not hear from Barbara and Milt for three months. I then received a call that they started a new business called Royal Stone Industries a business that manufactures solid surface materials. It is now a year and a half and their business is doing great.

Barbara and Milt replaced unfulfilling patterns with different more productive ones. They changed these patterns and old paths in their thoughts and their environment. They made changes in their home and took a chance on themselves and the results have been spectacular for a spectacular couple.

Barbara and Milt Lemberg's e-mail address is info@royalstoneind.com.



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