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What Feng Shui Is Not
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

Is Feng Shui just proper placement that will act to ameliorate your relationship problems or is it an ideal way to find luck and prosperity in your life? Will this enhancement to specific areas of your home or business actually help to achieve your goals?

The answer is yes to the above questions but there are distinct qualifications. You cannot just place various articles at random. This will make your environment bizarre and silly to you. A qualified Feng Shui Consultant who has an understanding of your hopes must carefully examine your space and needs, otherwise you can create havoc and you will not receive the results you hoped for. If you have placed articles in your home at random and have not received the desired results, you can now understand why this has happened. Symbols and therapies in Feng Shui are based on much knowledge of Feng Shui and they must be applied with reason according the needs of the culture person family and business. Placing a turtle in your health area without doing anything else to improve your health will not have the effect that you are hoping for. Placing coins in your wealth area without your intentions and not going out to work toward your goals will not bring you the outcome you desire.

Feng Shui is a philosophy and methodology, which studies the natural phenomena and laws that governs your planet and enables you to manage your lives and lead your life to the route that you need to follow. By keeping this in mind there are some very important factors to be considered in understanding Feng Shui.

Do you think that you can place some hearts in the relationship area and that alone will improve and attract the relationship you want? It certainly will not help you if your place is in disorder and filled with clutter. Do you think that you can attract a new wonderful relationship in the midst of clutter and disorder? These spaces will not allow you to sort out in your mind your proper intentions as well as hopes and dreams. Disorder and disorganization will not allow you to think clearly in order to meet the right partner.

Do you want your business to thrive? That will be a challenge as disorder in the work environment makes everyone stressed. If people are constantly looking for things this results in stress and arguments and a very poor working environment that leads to a dead end. Certainly this not your goal or intention and intention is so important in Feng Shui.

Self Sabotage and Fear of Change
Are you afraid of change? If so this is the first thing that you need to work on. Transformation takes time, intention, and effort as well as support and must be worked on and believed in. In some cultures it is believed that when one says, “I cannot” it means, “I do not want”. Examine this and see if you really want to help yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself helps you to begin to work independently and not lay the responsibility for your happiness on someone else’s shoulders. It enhances your chances for happiness.

Change will be better for you in long run if it is positive. Remember the benevolent Feng Shui Consultant cannot be the catalyst to bring on the change if you do not intend or wish it. Feng Shui is energy management and pertains to change and transformation that leads to success.

Choose Symbols That Are Appropriate
When your space has been cleared and organized and you are feeling clear and determined and good about yourself that is the time to place particular objects that enhance your intentions as well as your hopes and dreams.
Make sure that you are comfortable with the objects that you place in various areas of your home and that they are culture specific.
Make sure that they help you to feel more joyful and they represent what you hope to attain.
Do not place certain objects in your space because you read that only they might bring certain results. Anything that you have around you must resonate with your own energy. That means that you must like to look at the objects around you and feel good when you look at them.
By following these simple suggestions you will lead your boat of life in the course that is best for you and you alone, and feel good about what you are doing at the same time.



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