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Wind Chimes and Feng Shui
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

Sound is a powerful healer to yourself, as well as your home and workplace. Chanting and singing can be healing to your body. It ups your personal chi and resonates with you in a positive fashion. Sounds vibrate in the air and the tone of sounds can purify and clear energy in your space as well as itís surrounding area. Adding a pleasant sound to your home or office can ameliorate many Feng Shui situations that need cures. Using the proper wind chime is a tool that you can use with much success.

Choose your wind chimes carefully following these tips:
The tubes should be made of metal.
The tubes should be hollow.
There should be five tubes representing the five elements.
The sounds should be sweet and resonate with you.
A wind chime can be appropriate to use in the following situations:
It diffuses the radial impact of a road facing the front door.
It redirects the flow of chi of a stairway facing the front door.
It redirects the flow of chi in a long hallway.
Place your wind chime appropriately in the bagua and you will call attention to the gifts you can offer the world.



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