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Joy of Yoga

"Joy of Yoga" is a full-color, 57-minute instructional video produced by Joy Abrams. This video will demonstrate how the practice of yoga can bring suppleness to the spine and joints and help balance the glandular system.

Clear instructions and demonstrations are provided throughout the video as well as instructional material. Beginning and advanced students, regardless of age, will welcome practicing the 15 postures explained in the video with soothing New Age music in the background.

Visualization, meditation and breathing exercises are vital components of yoga. This program will educate you to learn the art of relaxation and releasing tension in your body and mind.

The "Joy of Relaxation" is a 60 minute audio tape. This tape has completely different postures, which will enhance the use of the video. This audio contains meditation and visualization techniques with new breathing postures that will relax you and take you away from everyday concerns

Joy Abrams, M.A., has studied yoga with Erene Chikahaney; has taken advanced courses in her field over the past 25 years; and is a certified Yoga instructor. She co-authored "Letís Do Yoga," a series of yoga postures designed to help all people with particular emphasis on the learning disabled, and "Look Good, Feed Good," which deals with proper nutrition and physical conditioning through yoga, and good grooming as a way of looking and feeling good. Her books have been translated into several languages and parts of "Letís Do Yoga" appear in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Both books were published by Holt Rinehart and Winston.
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