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Oct 8, 2007

Joy Abrams' Feng Shui has cleared out all the old, unused belongings in my home, allowing room for all new things to materialize in my life.

linda Sirotka


May 19, 2003

Joy Abrams came to my home on May 13, 2003 and spent two hours doing a Feng Shui Consultation,in order that I sell my place quickly. That evening I went shopping for plants that were suggested by Joy. I did not have time to do much more because by the following day, there were seven offers to buy my home......two of them were several thousand dollars beyond the asking price. The man whose offer was accepted had looked the morning of the 14th. He made his offer that evening.

My husband and I were astonished about how quickly and easily the sale went. The condo had only been listed for seven days. I thank Joy for her creativeness, professional approach and knowledge of Feng Shui.

Mary Frances Krause
Scottsdale, Arizona
From: Pam Smith wanhaole@hotmail.com
To: Joy@AAAFengShuiandYoga.com
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 1:59 PM
Subject: Mahalo!

As we say in Hawaii, Mahalo! The reading was wonderful!

Funny, as soon as I sent off the request, things started to clarify for me. I had a flash about the spare room, and knew immediately that I needed to move the computer desk, and hang my autographed Star Trek photos. So, that's how I spent my weekend. Looks great, too! I have tons more to do, but I'm actually making progress. The room is pretty inviting, now, and maybe I'll get the computer hooked up and will start putting one of my books on disc!

I have too much Yin energy and need to balance it. (Geeze... I can't win!
It used to be too much Yang!) In order to balance this, I need a lot of light (Done; I have skylights and plenty of light) and evening light (Done; always use a second lamp to illuminate the far shadows), use green and teal (Done; my accent in the LR is teal, and I have turq in the big bath and my BR in the winter, and mint green in the summer) plus had decided to faux paint the headboard wall in aqua and blue-mint vs the yellow-mint). My best directions are E, SE, and S, so the front door is good. Would be better if painted green, but townhouse rules say nope. I need motion in my place, about 2 hours a day. Re the plant with pointy leaves which I just managed to kill; until I get another I think a small fountain which I have would provide the motion I need. You also want me to use rectangles, like columns. So, maybe I'll get a short squat one and put the fountain on that. I'm an earth and wood person (Yep! Love nature and natural wood.) But you think it should be rectangular. Too late, my little table is round, so I'll find other ways to bring it in. I'll look for a teal tablecloth for it to bring in more "wood". You recommended nature pictures (Done! Right over the fireplace is a beautiful oil painting of mountains and a river painted by my Mother) Interestingly, I figured out the wall behind my sofa needs several pictures, so I'll look for a few nature pics, with similar frames. Then all I have to do is hang them around the darn doorbell, the temp control, and try to not look at the smoke alarm up higher. Even in Hawaii, I felt better facing South; and while I love Lanikai Beach on the windward side, I craved the energy of south-shore Dig Me Beach, near Waikiki! Can you believe it?

The validation is wonderful; I know I'm on the right track. When I go with what feels right, then its the best thing for me.

I'll let you know of my future successes!

Again, Mahalo! Pam
From:Testimonial From Sherry Kilian
To: Joy@AAAFengShuiandYoga.com

Telephone #602-956-6767

I can bare witness to the tremendous energy Joy channels into her work. She has used Feng Shui to transform the lives of many people including mine. If you have the tenacity to follow through with her suggestions in her detailed written report, you too will see your life transform.

Sherry Kilian

Copyright 1998 - 2002 by Joy Abrams. All rights reserved.




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