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Yoga Retreat FAQ

Why A Yoga Retreat?

These are the perfect vacations for your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit for:
Exciting nature adventures
Rejuvenation and relaxation
Learning more from and deepening ones yoga practice
Connecting and sharing with people of similar interests
Being pampered and served
Exploring some cultural interface in lesser known areas
Returning to daily life re-focused, energized, renewed, clear and grounded Romantic and spiritually fulfilling time away from daily stresses
Pure fun and adventure

Who Goes On A Yoga Retreat?

Any level of yoga student in basically good sound health People looking for meaningful and transformative vacation experiences A balance of men and women, with slightly more women, singles, couples, family members, age range generally between 24 and 65 years.

Do you want to attend a yoga retreat or a resort?

You need to decide whether you want a holiday in a resort hotel where you can occassionaly do yoga or do you to attend an intensive with a daily schedule of yoga, meditation, and/or other spiritual practices

How do you select the experience that's right for you?

The steps are varied, but in essence you need to:
1. Determine if you wish to go to a particular location;
2. Determine if you wish to go with a particular yoga teacher;
3. If not 1 or 2, you choices are large, and accordingly the next best thing is to ask around your friends and teachers for some options;
4. Search the Internet, check out our site of retreats;
5. Identify some potential Yoga retreats available at the right time, in locations and styles your would like.
6. Make some calls, send questions by email
7. Access your options
8. Have fun!!! No matter, which retreat you choose, you are bound to have a deeply transforming experience.

What if I'm only a beginner?

The yoga retreats are normally designed to progressively introduce or reintroduce the foundations of the practise of yoga giving anyone the opportunity to learn at their own pace and ability. If you are basically healthy and well, you will do fine.

With most yoga retreats there is a registration form and medical intake form to fill out before the retreats. This will help the yoga instructor to be familiar with any issues you may be dealing with so that they can be of the best service to you.

Is this good to do with my partner or singly?

Your choice completely. Partners benefit greatly from the time together to nourish their personal and relational lives. Singles have great fun meeting new friends. Life time friendships also arise from these retreats and could be a great place to begin a relationship as an added bonus

Can my children or non participating spouse come along?

Of course you will need to check with your yoga retreat instructor, but nevertheless it should be fine and you'll normally find most yoga retreats allow them to come along a reduced fee. While your at class, your spouse/children can be exploring, relaxation, etc. A limitation with bring a non participating spouse and or children is that it may limit your opportunity to get to know the rest of the group.

Do I have to share a room?

Most retreats are set up on a shared room basis, but you can enquire with a request for a private room (usually has an added cost) and the retreat organisers will do their best to accommodate you.

How many people usually go?

You'll find the most retreats like to keep the groups to 20 people to facilitate an intimate and enjoyable experience.

Do I have to be a vegetarian?

NO, you'll find that most yoga retreats will ensure that your dietary needs will be well met and the retreats usually have an option of fish, seafood, meat or chicken (all organic when available). The meals are abundant, delicious, nutritious and very satisfying even if it's a little new to some people.

Do I need to know someone else on the Yoga retreat to get the most from it?

Absolutely not, on the yoga retreat I went on last year, less than 20% of people knew each other at the stage of the retreat. Through the yoga retreat I met likeminded people on the spiritual path, learn new techniques, and above all, have fun.

What is the likelihood of most partipicants being female?

Highly likely particularly if the retreat is organized in a western country. While the early history of Yoga was that it was an exclusively male activity, today approximately 80 percent of Western yoga practitioners are women. On the retreat I attend last year, apart from the instructor I was the only other male. Moreover in my Yoga Teacher Training course, I am also of the minority: 2 males and 20+ female students.

What to Wear on a Yoga Retreat?

Casual, comfortable clothing is appropriate most, if not all yoga retreats. If you are traveling to somewhere unfamiliar, you may want to check with the retreat organiser to learn about the local weather so see what exactly is needed. Moreover, if your retreat includes religious services the clothing requirements are likely to be specially defined.

What to Bring on Your Yoga Retreat?

Yoga Retreats vary so widely, some are like camping, others are closer to resorts. Therefore, please inquire with the retreat organizer if you need to bring special items such as flashlights, bathing suit, yoga mats, zafu, etc. Be sure to ask about necessary passports and visas where travelling overseas.

What is the difference between a yoga retreat and holiday/vacation?

Their differences include, but are not restricted to:

Yoga retreats - Internal focus: You'll find retreats are typically held in secluded peaceful environments. They are under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor. There is typically regular yoga practice each day, sometimes twice a day in the morning hatha yoga and evening more restorative poses or meditation. Attending a yoga retreats offers the opportunity for self discovery and reflection. Holiday/vacation - External focus: You'll find a vacation involves time away from work, normal routine, can be fastpace, have a sense of focusing on the external rather than internal. A vacation can include heavy travel from one spot to another trying to see everything. Often when I have a vacation, I more tied than I started.

Do I get to know my yoga instructor better through a retreat?

Absolutely, on yoga retreats I have found, you clearly get to know your instructor a lot better, than just the face they put on running a normal yoga class. That experience is enriching and has helped my yoga practice. The retreats provides the opportunity for your instructor to get a better sense of your strengths and weakeness which provides a stronger opportunity for guidance and direction.

Does it really matter if I have not meet or attended classes with the yoga instructor leading the retreat?

Depends what you want to get out of the retreat. But, I would no not really. The main benefit of having attended a class with an intructor before a retreat is to have a better sense/confidence that their teaching style, approach and experience fits with you. It would be a disappointing if you discovered that they didn't. In saying that, on a retreat, ideally it is about taking time out, your own self discovery and reflection and the role of the instructor should not inhibit that. Moreover, my experience is that many people attend retreats with instructors for the first time and a enjoy them wonderfully.

Do most people attend yoga retreats with/ or without their spouses?

My experience probably more without rather the with. Most people attending retreats are their primarily to advance their yoga experience. And as 80% of yoga practitioners in the west are female that skews who attends yoga retreats.

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Comments or Questions
on Yoga Retreats?
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