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By Joy Abrams

Yoga practice helps to move us in the direction of a higher state of consciousness in which we experience the freedom of our being, which allows us to free others. After meditating in a transcending experience we often come back not to take from others or try to change them but to share in our new found realizations. For if we are fulfilled as human beings that allows us to become more fully involved with others. From the cosmic perspective we can see that we are free souls. From a detached point of view we are able to understand the relativity of problems before us. Once We get a broad prespective, the best solution to the problem most always come to us. The process of meditation oftentimes attunes us to the divine guidance that we need. Once we see the problems from a cosmic perspective we still have to work them out in a concrete way on the physical plane. The message that yoga gives us is not to detach away from every problem that we encounter and let these problems work out by themselves. The challenges of life have to met in a direct conscious way. However, while we are on the physical plane we will not see the whole picture. Therefore it is helpful to let go of our limited view which is limited by physical boundaries, and get a broader view in deep meditation. Our challenge is then to return and meet our life s mysteries in the most honest and sincere way.



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