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Herbs and Your Chakras
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

In my studies of Yoga and Feng Shui it became crystal clear to me that as you all explore your personal connection to nature, you begin to enhance your abilities to live more comfortably in your physical body on earth. Each member of the plant kingdom can assist you in personal healing.

Your energy centers called chakras act as bridge between Universal energy and your physical body. The vibrational power of plants helps to energize as well as balance your chakras. Taking herbal teas or herbal products can help you to feel more balanced.

The first chakra that is located at the base of your spine deals with issues of surviving on this planet that you call earth. It is easy while living in this planet to get caught up in work frenzy. Red raspberry leaf fosters recognition of playtime and living a balanced life.

The second chakra that is located below your navel relates to areas of sexuality and emotions. Wood betony is an herb to help relax and balance the second chakra.

The third chakra is involved with controlling outcomes in your lives. It is located in the navel area. Marshmallow root relaxes the third chakra and softens personal desires to control your life. This is a good herb to take when you feel powerless in controlling certain situations.

The fourth chakra is located in the heart area. Hawthorne berries can help you trust in the process of life and encourage you to feel safe in following your heart.

The fifth chakra is the area of your will and is located in the throat area. It has to do with communication and expressing your desires. Red clover blossoms assist in allowing a free flow of self-expression.

The sixth chakra is known as your third eye and it is the area of intuition. Eyebright helps you to honor the lessons that all of life brings to you.

The seventh chakra is also known as the crown chakra. It is your area of accessing divine wisdom. Lavender flowers help in opening up your seventh chakra.

Whether you take your herbal remedies as teas or in your bath water or as tinctures, you will find that they are refreshing and balancing for you. You will appreciate the fact that they come from the earth and connect you to the universe and nature's healing remedies. They will help to balance your prana or chi.



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