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Meditation As A Tool For Living In The Year 2003
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

As you are searching for happiness the thought might cross your mind that if only you lived in another place or had another job, then you would feel happy. You might feel that if external events were different that that would bring you happiness. Your mind may be stilled and at peace for a short time on attaining the object or goal but it eventually gets tired of the new toy and looks elsewhere for pleasure. However, everytime this happens you might look elsewhere for another job or perhaps homes in the country but you always have the same mind. Although, the places that you live and work in support your spiritual fulfillment, it is important for you to realize that true happiness comes from your approach, attitude, and intentions toward the external world not the objects themselves. There is not one of you that do not pass through difficult times and easier times in your lives and recent world events have been difficult for all of us in this world. However, when the obstacles and great challenges are met with a serene mind, then you can live a happier existence.

You might say, Joy how can I do this when so many external events in my life are so challenging? I know it is not easy. However, the challenge is to gain control of your internal world.

Your mind is constantly replaying old dramas, planning for the future, and discussing with you the pros and cons of various situations. By simply slowing down the ramblings and focusing on positive uplifting thoughts, it is possible to bring about a more effective life that is happier. Meditating on a pleasant thought further induces a feeling of contentment. It is a way of cultivating a feeling of inner peace and reaching the inner you. The following thought will serve as an example:

My Garden

Picture yourself walking through a lovely garden.

Your shoes are off and you can feel the crispness of the grass beneath your feet.

It is fresh and green and the beauty and the feel of it make this moment a very happy one for you.

As you walk on you see roses with varying hues from deep red to soft pink.

Pause for a moment and look at their colors and study the shape of their petals.

Touch them lightly and feel their silkiness.

The roses are enchanted.

You feel them and they make you feel warm and contented inside.

Look up and see the devastatingly beautiful hillside covered by bright yellow and orange marigolds.

Walk up the hill.

Pick some.

Hold them in your hands.

The sky above you is clear and brilliant blue.

You have never seen it look so lovely before or appreciated its beauty so much.

A feeling of contentment comes over you.

You are at peace.

It is time to go now.

Keep the beauty and contentment you have experienced.

Take it with you.

Share it with those you meet along the way.

Let your inner self shine through.

You have created grooves in your mind with your thoughts. The challenge is to concentrate on creating positive channels with positive thoughts. It is the express purpose of meditation to create new positive channels in your mind and eradicate those that are destructive to your happiness.



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