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The History of Yoga
By Joy Abrams

In 2000 B.C. Pantanjali wrote the bible of yoga .It is called the yoga sutras. The word sutras mean aphorisms.

The yoga sutras are :
Yama and Niyama consists of moral and ethical observances that are similar to the Ten Commandments in the bible. Asanas refer to postures that physically strengthen your body. Pranayama refers to breath control in yoga. (Refer to the tape Joy of Relaxation and Joy of Yoga). Pratayahara concerns itself with the withdrawal of your senses from the outside world and the refocusing of your attention within your body. Dharana is concerned with your concentration. It is all about your developing a one pointed mind. This is accomplished through special concentration techniques in which your mind is brought to focus on the internal world. The next sutra is Dhyana, which translates as contemplation. In Dhyana you as the meditator merge with your image of concentration. You contemplate your many splendored attributes. The last sutra is Samadhi, which means union with the supreme.

Samadhi is the goal of classical yoga. In Samadhi you identify with the unchanging aspects of reality. It is through much dedicated practice that includes, concentration, contemplation, and meditation that one can move toward Samadhi. Through this practice you develop tremendous will power.



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