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Three Spiritual Concepts Toward Happiness
By Joy Abrams

A challenging concept for many of my students to understand is that their thoughts do not control them. They control their thoughts. If your thoughts are negative, positive energy cannot flow in. A negative thinking pattern sets up roadblocks in creating the very things that you are hoping to accomplish. Working with and living by the precepts that I have written here will help to set up new pathways of positive thinking in your brain. In time all these positive thoughts in your new thinking system will begin to flow outside of you and like a rubber band it will expand and spring right back to you. The result will be that wonderful things will start to happen for you.

The first spiritual concept is forgiveness.
This is the hardest concept to work on. You might have been badly hurt. Perhaps you were ignored and not treated kindly when it meant the world to you to be accepted. Perhaps you were lied to or cheated or someone you loved was not treated fairly. Forgiveness does not mean that you choose to be with that person again. Of course that is your choice. It simply means that you free yourself from the shackles of thoughts that has bounded you to these circumstances and has not allowed you to move freely in a more positive direction. During this process of forgiveness and letting go it is helpful to take refuge with spiritual people that are on the same path as you as they will give you the support that you need. Not being able to forgive is a major stumbling block toward success.

The second concept is discrimination.
As you become more spiritual you will notice that you will become more discriminating. Please note that you might have difficulty with this word because it might denote to you the concept of dividing and splitting up groups. That is not what I mean. I am referring to your knowing people by what they say and the energy that they give off. Energies are qualities. Kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness and consideration are all positive energies. You want to nurture yourself by being around people who exude these energies. However, jealousy hate and rage are negative energies. You need to be more discriminating about being around these energies, as they can be harmful to your personal spiritual equipment. As you become more spiritual your nature becomes more fine-tuned and can be damaged easily. Keep in mind that becoming more discriminating does not mean that you are not still able to see the loving side of each person and include that potential in your hearts.

The third spiritual rule is reaction.
There is no room for your reacting adversely in your spiritual life. That does not mean that you do not stand your ground in situations that are affecting you. However, reacting adversely in rage or anger just grounds you in the very situation that you are trying to overcome. What ever it is just let it be…By reacting in a negative manner you just set up roadblocks in your own physical system and affect your own health. Reacting very negatively just binds you to the very traits that you were hoping to leave behind. Remember a rose cutting becomes a rose. It just takes time and a lot of patience…



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