Why Gentle Yoga? Feng Shui and Art Yoga Visualization
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Why Gentle Yoga
By Joy Abrams

Yoga is not just for double jointed people who can twist themselves like pretzels. It is for people of all ages and all professions who wish to lessen the stress load that they are carrying. The nice thing about yoga is that you do not have to travel to the snow or sun to do this. Just you and your mat and sincere desire to stretch and improve the quality of your life is all that is required.

Muscles strained by long continuous tension over stimulate your nerves and can cause injurious reactions in parts of your body. You must find a proper balance between relaxation and exercise to cure the tension cycle. Part of the success of yoga is that there are many asanas(postures) to be assumed. Each asana improves your flexibility, tone and strength in a particular set of muscles. This benefit is coupled with the fact that you relax after each asana. You may move in and out of each asana in a dance like fashion or hold each asana longer. The main advantage of flowing in and out out of each asana is that the joints and muscles loosen without your having to deal with a great amount of pain and it improves the circulation to the organs of your body. When you hold your asana for a long time your muscular structure is worked at a deeper level. Coupling the yoga breath with your asanas has a powerful effect on your mind and body.



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