Why Gentle Yoga? Feng Shui and Art Yoga Visualization
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Yoga Visualization
By Joy Abrams MA, FSII

In yoga visualization you use your imagination to significantly reduce your stress. You might find it hard to place yourself in a relaxed state but you can use your imagination to put yourself there. By using visualizations that represent the five elements in Feng Shui you can increase your own positive relaxing chi to reduce your tension.

Your thoughts and imaginings are your own special reality for you are the sum total of what you think. If you are thinking sad thoughts you will feel sad and if you think happy thoughts you will feel uplifted. Focus on visualizing healing peaceful images and you will create mental sense impressions that train your body to relax and release stress.

Visualization is effective in treating many stress-related illnesses such as muscle spasms, headaches and general situational anxiety. You consciously in visualization use your mental sense impressions to improve your life.

Visualization Joy's Way

Lie down on your back with your hands at your sides and your palms outstretched facing the ceiling.
Close your eyes
Take in ten yoga breaths using proper diaphragmatic yoga breathing
Scan your body and become aware of those areas that have the most muscle tension
Release the tension in those areas by targeting your breath to those areas and stating to yourself for example," I am releasing tension in my scalp as I inhale relaxation and exhale stress".
Continue to target your areas of stress using the method stated above until your mind and body feel relaxed
Form beautiful mental impressions of nature with your mind involving your senses
For example: Feel the earth under your feet as you walk in your bare feet in your garden. (Earth Element)

See yourself wearing your metal jewelry as think of endings as new beginnings that give you renewed hope. (Metal Element)

Picture yourself gazing into a beautiful fountain and meditating on the depth of the water. (Water Element)

See the beautiful palm trees swaying in the breeze and feel the gentle breeze touching your face. (Wood Element)

Feel the warmth of the sun nurturing you and giving you positive energy. (Fire Element)
Remain in this relaxed state as long as you like.
* For more information refer to the book, "Strategies For Stress Release" by Joy Abrams



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